And the winner is… Tom & Julia at the Lloyds Bank Awards!

We’ve won numerous awards for Squash Stix, including the Shell Livewire award and the Lloyds Bank Best Business Start up award. But where did the idea for Squash Stix come from? Let us tell you…

Whilst sat in an M&S staff canteen, our founder, Tom noticed that a lot of people, young and old, brought in bottles of squash and used them at the water cooler to make a refreshing squash. Making a cup of coffee at the time with a single portion of milk he had his eureka moment, “Why don’t we do single portions of squash so people don’t have to carry and store large bottles” he said to his boss.

He went away and researched the idea, but was told that it hadn’t been done before and the concentration would be too high and a larger portion size would be needed. Working with experts in the industry they tried highly concentrated squash and it was a great success. Squash Stix was born!

The product is now available via many stationers, water cooler and coffee firms for use at water coolers or in offices. We have since continued our success through launching our single portion Vitamin Drink, Vit Stix!