Why you need a Squash Stix Cube

1. Hydration is important

For something so easy, adequate levels of hydration are often overlooked. With benefits such as improved cognitive performance, clearer skin and reducing heart disease risk, staying hydrated is uber important.

2. Not everyone likes tea or coffee

Hey look. Even the good old folk at Squash Stix love coffee. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t. But not everyone is so keen on hot drinks. Whether that’s employees or visitors, give them something they’ll enjoy. Squash Stix.

3. They look cool

Yup. For the same reason you’ve got that swanky thin cooler in your office that costs a little extra, the display cubes look pretty cool attached to your watercooler and they also also sserve a purpose. Win – Win.

4. They help save time.

Ok. This one’s for the boss. Who wants employees popping out for drinks? Time is money, so encourage staff to hydrate in work and get the most for your money!

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